Stay Home Style Our new normal seems to be (and should be) that of staying home to keep yourself, your family and our communities safe and healthy. But that also means we aren't leaving the house, and only seeing those we live with or a social distancing hello to our neighbors. So really, what better excuse do you need to keep your cozy soft pants on all day long? I sure don't need one! Since sweats and leggings have become our new uniform, now is your chance to take full advantage of wearing them all day, everyday with zero judgement. I'm trying to put on jeans at least one day a week, but that leaves six more days of soft pant heaven. Therefore, I thought I'd share my favorite cozy pieces I'm currently wearing or wish I was wearing. These are pieces that will keep you looking cozy and chic as you're working from home, teaching your kids, cooking ANOTHER meal for someone, all the above, or taking a much needed stroll around the block...SOLO! I also included a few home items that will keep us safe (hand soap), sane (secret wine cups) and super cute (decor blankets) for your next zoom conference call. Plus during this crazy time of uncertainty...supporting small local businesses is the one thing we can do to keep our community and business owners thriving, therefore I added some must have pieces from my favorite local South Bay business, Beehive, Gumtree, BLVD. and Go Gently Nation.  Happy Shopping and stay home and healthy!

Teresa xx

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