Spring Cleaning

With the weather starting to warm up, the flowers starting to bloom and your Spring Break trips planned you know Spring is right around the corner. Which also means it time for your annual Spring Cleaning!

There are all these ancient beliefs about how and why Spring Cleaning came about, but ultimately Spring is a great time to clean our homes and always has been.  Spring, with its warmer days and lighter evening was, and still is, an opportunity to make your home fresh again. Windows and doors can be opened, so dust can be cleared outside and winter items can be stored away. It's time to take inventory of your spaces and decide what you did not wear, use, or need this past Winter and get them out of your house. Below are a few steps on how to achieve that 'Spring Clean' feel in your home and life.

1. Pick one area or room to start with.

2. Pull everything out and place in like-minded groups.

3. Edit and purge all groups. Ask yourself, “Did I use this” or “Will I continue to use it”? If not, you know what to do!

4. Wipe the area down from top to bottom. Dust bunnies are definitely not as cute as Easter bunnies!

5. Return your kept items, asking yourself if this item could be stored better by hanging it, folding it or placing the item in a basket or drawer?”

6. Enjoy your newly organized space

And if all of this just sounds too daunting to do by yourself, with the help of LIFESTYLE(D), we can help you tackle any space that is needing a revamp for the Spring. We offer specific packages or can cater your service to your exact Spring Cleaning needs. Whatever your organization or styling desires are, we'd love to help.

Happy Organizing!

Teresa xx

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