30 Days of Organization - Week 5

30 Days of Organization Week 5 - Living Room Organization

Its week 5...and only two weeks left of the Challenge! Most of us have this week off for Thanksgiving so there are no excuses for not tacking every day of the challenge this week. This is also the perfect week to get your living area in tip top shape if you are hosting Turkey Day! As we are focusing on the Living Room. You know that space where everyone goes to sit, watch tv, do homework, snack and everything else. It is time to tidy up that space that holds everyone in your family and usually everything! Week 5, here we come!

Day 21 - Toss Old Magazines You Forgot About I like having you start the weeks off with simple tasks because that last thing you need is to add more to your Mondays! Today it's time to get rid of any old magazines you have lying around, hidden in a drawer or cabinet or in some random bin. There is no need to keep them around. The gossip is OLD NEWS!

Day 22 - Clear Out Vases You’ve Collected Over Time Time to check under the sink or that hard to reach cabinet for those old vases that have collected more dust than flowers. Even if you LOVE having fresh flowers in your house (like I do) you only need one to two vases max, per room you put flowers in. Another quick and easy organization task that will end up giving you more space and clarity in your home.

Day 23 - Find All Paperwork And Mail Around The House And Go Through It Today is going to be tough for some, but something that you know is on your to do list. I want you to walk around the house and gather all the loose papers and mail that cluttering your counter. It's time to take a few minutes to sit and sort. Make a separate pile for trash, take care of now bills and a file away pile. Toss or shred that trash and find a new home for the other two piles. Just make sure these piles' new home allows you to easily keep up with the organization and doesn't take up anymore of your valuable counter space.

Day 24 - Empty A Junk Drawer (or 2) Happy Thanksgiving and my personal favorite task of the week. Today you are going to tackle that junk drawer that seems to be the catch all for everything small, random and you don't know what to do with. Trust me you’re not alone; we all have one but what you put in this drawer and what you actually need is the big question. Your “junk” drawer can be organized and user friendly. First, completely empty it out and throw away anything you don't need or don't know what it is.Then make piles of like-minded items that you want to keep in this drawer. Lastly, put back the necessary items by type and in contained bins so it's easier to keep up the organization. Now, go show off all your hard work while the turkeys cooking.

Day 25 - Fold Extra Blankets And Store In A Cute Basket How many throw blankets do you have in your living room? Todays the day to A) wash them and B) store them as decor so they aren't just thrown around the room. An easy fix is to grab a cute basket, roll each blanket, place in the basket and put next to your couch. Not only do the blankets look good, but they are accessible to all and everyone knows where to put them when they are done snuggling on the couch.

You did it...week five completed! Thank you for joining us on this organization journey and keep up the hard work! We LOVE seeing your progress and the before and afters photos so keep those coming and don't forget to tag #30dayswithlifestyled and @teresa.lifestyled so I can show off all your hard work!

Lets do this... Happy Organization

xx, Teresa

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