30 Days of Organization - Week 3

30 Days of Organization

Week 3 - Bathroom

Don’t give up! You have crushed the first two weeks of the challenge and I love seeing all your before and afters! This week’s goal is about eliminating items to make your morning routine a little easier with a clean, organized and efficient bathroom space. Week three here we come!  

Day 11...Clean Out Your Medicine Cabinet Today’s task starts out by checking all the expiration dates. Food is not the only item that can expire. Once you have eliminated the old you can then create piles of kept like-minded items. For example, create piles for kids medicine, adult medicine, first aide items, etc. By separating the items you are creating a system for everyone to know exactly where to go when they are feeling under the weather.

Day 12...Toss Out Unused Bath and Beauty Products Time to get rid of those products you tried for a few days and never used again! You know those free samples you received and are now collecting dust in some drawer... Today is the perfect opportunity to get rid of those. Keep only the items you use and do not feel guilty about getting rid of the rest. Those samples are made to try (or not) and toss. Guilt free cleaning! 

Day 13...Edit Your Makeup Drawer Personally, this is favorite day of the week. We all know how fun it is to experiment and play around with new makeup. But let's be honest with your daily makeup routine and keep the 'fun, going out' makeup to a minimum. To complete this tasks takes a few simple steps. First, find ALL your makeup! Look through those old purses, travel bags, gym bags and of course make up bags. Second, grab a trash bag and throw away any products that you no longer use, are dry or smell (that means they are expired) Lastly, separate each makeup item into the correct categories and organize back in their homes. You just shaved five minutes off your morning routine...your welcome!

Day 14...Clean Out Your Linen Closet  Time to stop shoving more towels and sheets in your linen closet. You only need ONE extra set of sheets per bed and one extra set of towels per family member. That is it! The best way to organize these items in a limited space is to reconfigure and eliminate. To keep your linen closet organized, i suggest using baskets and file fold everything to fit (and to hide messy fitted sheet folding) This keeps all your items contained and looking organized. 

Day 15...Create A Bin For All Bathroom Overstock You made it to the final day of week three! We will be ending this week with a game changing task. Find a bin that fits under your bathroom sink and collect all back up items you have lying around. Placing them into this bin will contain them all in one spot. This is an easy way to keep track what you have and what you need to stock up on. This tasks help everyone in the family know exactly where to look when they have run out of something.

Awesome job everyone! You completed week three and you are half way through the challenge. Thank you for tackling one day at a time and joining us on this journey. We LOVE seeing your progress and before and afters so keep those coming and don't forget to tag #30dayswithlifestyled and @teresa.lifestyled so I can show off all your hard work! 

Lets do this... Happy Organization

xx, Teresa

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