30 Days of Organization - Week 2

Updated: Nov 10, 2019

30 Days of Organization

Week 2 - Bedroom

Congratulations, you have completed week one of the 30 Day Organization Challenge. Great Work! I hope you found this past week inspiring and helpful, and these small tasks made your life a little less cluttered. Keep it going...This week we are focused on your bedroom. Your bedroom should feel like a relaxed sanctuary not a stressful catch all room! And I am here to tell you that it is easily fixable with just a few tweaks and touch ups. Stick with us and I promise you, you will be able to take back your bedroom...

Day Six...Edit Your Wardrobe For The Current Season

Fall is finally here and it is time to edit the old and pull out the new. Its time to pull all your cozy sweaters to the front of the closet. To complete this task, edit your summer clothes and create a donate pile for all those items you didn't wear this past Summer. Next, go through your Fall (cold weather) items and if you find any that are old, don’t fit, or you know you will never wear, add those to the donate pile too. Finally organize all kept items back in your closet by category and color. Feels like you have a new wardrobe huh?

Day Seven...Get Rid Of Old Or Worn Shoes

Now that you've finished organizing your clothes it’s time to give your shoes the same attention. Pull out all your shoes, yes all of them! If they don't fit, they aren't comfortable or you never wear them...t’s time to part ways. Be honest, if it has seen better days don’t feel bad about tossing them. This task is focused on creating more room for what you love and wear, and rid yourself and closet of the rest.

Day Eight...Edit Your Jewelry Box

Alright ladies take a seat, turn on some tunes and dump out that jewelry box. The one thats holding all your out dated jewelry you've been turning a blind eye towards. Edit your jewelry by categories, start with rings, necklaces, bracelets, and then earrings. If it is old, tarnished, broken, or can’t find its pair then it's time to part with it. Unless its a family heirloom...if you don't wear it its perfectly acceptable to give it away.

Day Nine...Pair Up Your Socks, Toss The Rest

Today’s task is my favorite this week. Why do we think those missing socks the dryer ate will actually show up one day? They won't...so it time to let them go. Dump all your socks and find their match. If they don't have a match...you know what to do. Today’s task should be quick and easy.

Day Ten...Go Through Your Pajama And Swim Suit Drawer

Last day of week two..your almost done! Find those drawers that are stuffed full of PJs and swim suits...most of which you probably never wear. If you're anything like me I wear like 1-2 pjs and thats it! So why do i have so many? Time to clear your drawers of any old pj's, seasonal pj's and swim suits you don't wear, have lost their elastic and are out of style! Easy peasy...

Great Job you have officially completed two weeks of the challenge!!! I hope you found this week helpful and that getting organized has created more space and peace in your bedroom. We love seeing your pictures and videos shared on Instagram so keep tagging #30dayswithlifestyled so we can show your progress and keep you motivated.

Lets do this...Happy Organization

xx, Teresa

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