30 Days of Organization - Starts Today!

30 Days of Organization Week 1 - Kitchen Congratulations! You have just committed to making your life easier, simpler and more accessible to the necessities! We are so excited that you have joined us in the 30 Days of Organization Challenge with Lifestyle(d). In this post, we are taking on Week 1; breaking down your day to day tasks. We will give you our tips and secrets on how to easily organize your Kitchen one day and step at a time. Day 1...Clean Off Your Kitchen Counters You might be thinking this is impossible, but I promise it’s not! Start in one corner and work your way around the kitchen. Put the dirty dishes in the dishwasher, throw away any unnecessary papers that have been piling up, and take any non-kitchen items to their designated room. Play some music, clear the clutter and finish the job by disinfecting your counter tops to give it that just cleaned shine ✨ Day 2...Empty Your Fridge Of Any Expired Items Now that your counters are clear you can pull everything out of the fridge and toss those expired items that have been hiding in the back. Organize the rest of the items by food category, allowing you to see what you have and what you need (so you don't overspend at the grocery store for food items you already have in your fridge) Not to mention… goodbye bad odors! Day 3...Clean Out Your Cleaning Supplies We seem to have a tendency to let what is supposed to be the “cleanest” get so messy. You are not alone in this one, trust me. Today, pull all cleaning products out and separate bottles, cans, rags, dusters and surface cleaners into like minded categories. Trash any old and empty products and keep only what is necessary to keep your home clean. Day 4...Toss Random Coffee Mugs, Water Bottles and Tupperware Today is my personal favorite day of the week 🙌🏼 I find it so interesting that while trying to be eco-friendly we are actually consuming more non-disposable goods in our homes. Today we will be tossing all those items. The ones that don't match, don't hold enough, you'll never use or have just been keeping around because you got it for free (think logo water bottles). Today is the day to get it out of your house and make space for what you actually need and use. Day 5...Edit Out Worn Dish Towels and Rags You made it to the last day of the week! This task is a simple one but many tend to skip over, well not today. What do you use your towels and rags for and how many do your really need? Store your dish towels in the kitchen and wash them regularly to avoid germs. Then store cleaning rags in a separate space (most likely with the cleaning supplies) to prevent any cross contamination with bleach...i've done that!! Then be realistic about how many of each you actually need. Trust me, its' not that many. We hope these tips and tools we've provided help you get through this first week of Organization. Again, these tasks are meant to be easy, quick and stress free! If you have any questions or get overwhelmed, please feel free to reach out. Lifestyle(d) is here to help you rid your home and life of clutter and get more organized! Don't forget to use hashtag #30dayswithlifestyled to share your progress and tag @teresa.lifestyled so I can share my favorite before and after photos.

Lets do this... Happy Organization

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