Happy November!

Wait! Can you even believe that it’s NOVEMBER?! Okay, calm yourself…breatheeeee, 1 . 2 . 3 .

Well, think on the bright side - IT’S NOVEMBER and you still have approximately 1 3/4 months left in 2018 to make magic happen! So, my fellow gal pal and Health Coach, Katherine Brown and I have a gift for YOU!

This is your time to round out the year and get cleansed and organized for the year to follow. Think of it as a giant HUG and SNUGGLE for your efforts. OR a way of saying, "WOO HOO, you’re amazing and you deserve this self-love for all of your - mental and physical - exhaustion in 2018”.

We are here to take care of you. Katherine is the queen of the kitchen. Start your health journey NOW where she'll teach you how to properly evaluate your nutritional and wellness needs that will meet your goals - HECK, exceed your goals and propel you to live a mentally and physically refreshed lifestyle! Gut + Brain connection is her specialty, as they work as a team. Katherine also specialize in plant-based nutrition. Want to know how to bring in more “wilderness” in the kitchen and LOVE it? Trust me, she will help you enjoy each and every bite!

Then there's me, the master of organizing your wardrobe, or closet or those pesky bedroom hangers that seem to transform into a black hole! The truth is, If you see “it", you’ll wear “it". And if you wear what is best for your personal style, you’ll flourish with confidence!

Time is of the essence, let’s begin YOUR personal journey now!

Here is some more information on how to sign up to tackle the end of 2018 with sparks and glee!

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