With Summer now in full swing, we are heading out of town with fifteen of our closest family friends and embarking on a weekend of 'Glamping' at El Capitan Canyon. I must admit this is my first time glamping and to be honest, i don't even remember the last time I went real camping. But with two little kiddos the idea of our own cabin, with beds and a bathroom is way more my speed. The itinerary has been set and consists of BBQ'ing, a movie night, a fun run, a llama hike, a beach day, a pool afternoon, some yoga, a concert and of course drinking with friends fireside, just to name a few.

Therefore this weekend's What's In My Shopping Bag? is full of 'Glamping' worthy outfits and supplies. Everything I think i'll need, plus some fun extras that I hope someone else will bring. Grab your S'mores and see you all by the campfire!

Happy Shopping



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