WHAT'S IN MY SHOPPING BAG? - Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Being a Mother is by far the BEST job and hardest job I have ever had. It is a job filled with so much unconditional love but also so much unknown. You can't plan for it and there are no books to prepare you for all the ups and downs, the laughs and tears, the hugs and tantrums of it all.

But everyday I feel lucky to be a mom and am blessed to have an amazing mom, grandma and sister as role models. To also have mom friends as a daily support system and to have a wonderful husband to help out everyday is what makes me thrive. Because as we all know...its takes a village to raise kids.

But one day a year (it should be more) we get to celebrate all that encompasses us MOTHERS! So for all you moms out there, this week's What's In My Shopping Bag? is for you. Its full of all things 'mom'. Gift ideas for our moms, our friends and most importantly ourselves. Plus is you are last minute shopper like I have become, the majority of the items on this list are from Shopbop, so if you order them today you should have them by Saturday :)

...and to my mom. To quote the card I got you this year, that can't me more true "there are few things a girl needs besides her mom". Love you Mom and Michelle and Happy Mother's Day.

Happy Shopping



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