WHAT'S IN MY SHOPPING BAG? - Valentine's Day Traditions

Valentine's Day has always been a very special day in our house. Not because its a gushy, roses and chocolate kind of day, but because its my Mom's birthday. Growing up, every Valentine's Day (even though it was her birthday) upon waking up, she surprised my sister and I with new Valentine's outfits so we'd have something red to wear to school that day. I always felt bad because it was her birthday and she was the one giving us gifts. But, to this day, she still sends us Valentines care packages on her special day.

Since traditions are important for me, I've continued this one in our house and make it a point to buy my husband and kids (and myself) festive red outfits so we all have something red to wear. And of course it gives me an excuse to take more photos of my kids to post on Instagram!

Therefore, this week's What's In My Shopping Bag? is full of 'lovely' red and pink items to wear on Valentine's Day. Go ahead, treat yourself. You deserve it.

Happy Birthday Mom and Happy Shopping



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