10 Items to toss by December 31st

Most women have a tough time throwing clothes away when its time. You like to hang on to pieces, just in case. You say to yourself..."maybe I'll wear that top to my next big meeting" or "those jeans will fit once I lose those last 5 pounds." The realization is, if you do have a big meeting or lose those last 5 pounds you are going to go out and buy something new. Because you deserve it!

I suggest purging your closet at least once a quarter. Toss items you haven't worn in a while or don't plan on wearing anytime soon. Or even those pieces you bought, haven't worn and still have the tags on them. All these unworn items are just taking up space in your closet and causing undue stress each morning when you are trying to get dressed. Quit "what if-ing" and just toss them.

Below, check out my list of 10 things to throw away, by the end of the year!


  • Workout clothes that have lost their stretch

  • Pajamas and undergarments that have any holes

  • Sweaters you bought but haven't worn yet

  • Things that don't fit that you promised you would get tailored

  • Silhouettes that were trendy but don't flatter you

  • Shoes you ruined but kept as "going-out heels"

  • Gifts from your mom you kept to be nice (but would never wear in public)

  • The unacceptable number of tote bags youve stuffed under your kitchen sink

  • Anything an ex once wore that you've somehow still have in your possession

  • Custom event tees you've held on to from college or work events

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