15 Organization Projects You Can Do In 5 Minutes

You know that feeling of deep satisfaction you get after tackling a big organization project like cleaning out your closet or even the dreaded garage? The task may seem daunting before and even during the project but once it's done and everything is in place...suddenly, everything in life feels a bit more organized and manageable. Or is that just me?? A few weeks ago when 'Shelter in Place' started I had BIG plans to organize every inch of my house, as I know a lot of you all did too. Then the reality of being at home all day with kids and homeschooling and work and cooking and all the above, made us realize we didn't have time for all our big plans. However, I did find myself doing little organization and decluttering projects around the house that gave me the same satisfaction of a big project but only took a few minutes. A few minutes of organization a day eventually becomes a habit and part of your regular routine, whether you're safe at home or not. Scroll through to see 15 small and manageable organizational projects that can be tackled in 5 minutes or less. That's faster than it takes to do the dishes, AGAIN!!

Happy Organizing!

Teresa xx

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