ABOUT Teresa King Dinneen

...the person behind Lifestyle(d)

Teresa Dinneen is the founder and owner of Lifestyle(d). A loving mama and style guru who is putting her 15+ years in the fashion industry and OCD habits to good work.  Located in Redondo Beach, Teresa is central to both Los Angeles and Orange County where she comes fully equipped to take over any room, closet, home or individual. 

After multiple careers with leading fashion brands like J Brand and TOMS, Teresa launched Lifestyle(d) in 2017. It was born out of a love for fashion and for helping friends put together 'the prefect' outfits for events and nights out on the town. That soon turned into closet organizing sessions and entire home clean outs.

Lifestyle(d) goal is to rid you of the clutter that is negatively affecting your life. To teach  you  how to  edit and organize spaces to create more time and energy to do what you love, where you love. Your ideal environment is attainable, all you have to do is start!



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