Teresa has targeted the "everyday woman" and made it possible to have the help of a stylist without it being a luxury item. Her effortless style and ability to mix and match high end fashion with reasonably priced items, makes working with her feel like you are actually saving money by being organized and efficient. Teresa has styled me for everything from black tie events to dinner with friends and is my go to for closet organization and vacation prep, including packing! She always makes sure my closet is full of only what's needed and I know exactly how to pair it, for easy to grab outfits that fit any occasion. She makes sure to work with my personal style so the outfits are customized to fit my personality. I get compliments every time I step out in one of her ensembles. Once you book her you won't know how you ever lived with out her! 

Colleen W.

As someone who does love to shop and pay attention to fashion trends, I also know my limitations.  Having Teresa and the services she brings to the table with Lifestyle(d) is refreshing.  As a working mom, I find I get into fashion ruts always falling back to my “uniform” of jeans, silk top and heels because it is easy. Teresa was able to assess my closet, my style and my comfort and get me a more well-rounded and accessible wardrobe while making me feel beautiful and fashionable.  Her flexibility and personality make it easy and enjoyable to work with her.  Her personal attention goes above and beyond making you feel as if you are her most important client!


Michelle M.

Working with Teresa and Lifestyle(d) is not only simple and fun but I feel I have finally started to achieve my personal style goals. As a full time Realtor and mom, I never have the time I would like to spend seeking out new pieces of clothing. With Teresa's help I finally feel that my closet is carefully curated and put together. Not only has Teresa put together multiple styling suggestions for me but she also happens to be a frugal genius in helping piece together capsule wardrobes for my two growing children. My personal belief is that when you need something specific in any aspect of life you defer to the experts and that is exactly what Teresa is, a complete style expert.


Claire W.

Teresa is a closet organizational angel!  After my first session with Teresa, my closet had never looked better. We went through piece by piece and she helped me determine what things to keep and get rid of.  I am what you would call a pack rat, so I was a little nervous - but with Teresa she knows what styles work on your body and has impeccable taste so I listened to everything she said. Now it only takes me a couple of minutes to get ready since I can easily find everything I need in my closet. She was able to access my wardrobe and help me find some great staple pieces that are now some of my favorite outfits! Now I look forward to spring cleaning, because it means that I get to have Teresa come back into my closet!

Katherine S.

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