How Many Dish Towels Do You Really Need?

Honestly, I've never put that much thought into kitchen towels until I replaced my own last week. What are the best (most absorbent) towels, how many are really used and why do most of my clients have dozens and dozens of them shoved in a kitchen drawer, never to be used. So I started many dish towels do you really need? And where should you be storing them? In a drawer, under the sink, in a cabinet, or maybe with all your other linens? No matter where you keep your kitchen cleaning essentials, they aren’t going to be all that helpful if they are in a disheveled pile somewhere. Here are five tips to an organized dish towel drawer...

  1. Store towels in a drawer or cupboard next to your sink for easy access to clean towels.

  2. File fold towels so you can see exactly what you have.

  3. Keep only the towels you use and would be happy to display! (remember if you do laundry at least once a week, you don't need 25+ towels)

  4. Organize like minded items in this drawer so everything is in one place. Think sponges, oven mitts and pot holders.

  5. Save time and money by subscribing to a monthly delivery service for those items you use weekly. I use Grove Collective and love it.

I promise this will only take a few minutes to sort and organize and will make a huge difference in your kitchen. Check out a few of my favorite kitchen essentials below.

Happy Organizing,

Teresa xx

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