5 Ways to Start Fresh in 2021

At the beginning of each year I look back on the prior year and reflect on all that I accomplished including those goals that were on my list that I didn't get too. I reflect on the best times I had in my personal and my professional life as well as the worst times, those times that I dwelled on for far too long. I try to give myself grace...be thankful for all the positives of the year and let the rest stay in the past. Once I clear my mental and physical clutter, I set some lofty new goals for the year ahead. I truly love the beginning of a new year because it offers us all a chance to start fresh. It allows us to shift our energy into the parts of our life that need a little extra love and attention. Personally I don't make resolutions, instead, I focus on a few things each year that I want to work on, to be better at, or honestly...things that make me happy. No matter what you have planned for 2021, whether it be a long list of resolutions or one small goal, here are five ways in which you can start fresh today, this month, next month or whatever works best for you. Plus I have included some home and mind clearing tools to help you with your fresh (organized) start to the New Year. Reflect, Celebrate, and Keep Going Take the time to reflect your past year, celebrate the good, learn from the bad and move on. Remove the Clutter In Your Home and Your Mind The first few weeks of each year I commit to getting our home and my life in order. Having a clear head is just as important (if not more) as having a clutter free home. Choose your Word Pick a word, a theme a photo...really anything that resonates with your goals for that year and focus on that when making big and small decisions throughout the year.

Set New Intentions and Goals Don't just state your new goals in your head, write them down! Writing down your intentions for the new year holds you more accountable to them. Tell your friends, post them, do what you have to do to make them real. Plan and Schedule In order to make these goals a reality, you need to start planning. One small step at a time can add up to one huge accomplishment. 2021 is going to be your year!

Happy Organizing,

Teresa xx

P.S. One of my biggest goals for 2021 is to launch a Digital Organization Program. Stay tuned for more information and your invite to join!

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