30 Days of Organization - Week 6

30 Days of Organization Week 6 - Personal Organization

Congratulations you made it to the final week of the Lifestyle(d) 30 Day Organizational Challenge. To end this challenge, we will be focusing on ourselves. Now that your home is clutter free it is time to add those same organization tips to ourselves and our daily routine. Organization isn't just about the physical spaces in our homes but also about making sure our mind, body, and soul are organized too. Especially after Thanksgiving weekend and Christmas only 23 days away! Last week of the challenge...let's do this.

Day 26 - Clear Your Mind With Meditation I don’t know about you but after a Holiday weekend of hosting and traveling...I am exhausted. The perfect way to release stress is to take some time for yourself to clear your mind through meditation. I like to wake up before the kiddos and do a ten minute Calm meditation as I have a hard time slowing down so the guided meditations work better for me. A few other ways to clear your mind and get present may be going to a yoga class or a quick 30 minute walk. Really anything to relax your mind and be in the present. Namaste (heart)

Day 27 - Clean Out Your Wallet And Purse Anyone else find that their purse and wallet seem to be the catch all for everything? Especially during the busiest shopping month of the year! Having a streamlined and organized purse is essential for keeping track your daily must have's and your finances. To do this task takes a few simples steps...first pull everything out of your purse and wallet. Next, just like with your house, separate items into like minded groups and throw away anything you don't need or use (think gum wrappers, old receipts and half eaten kids snacks). Lastly, organize back in by priority. I suggest only putting the cards you use in your wallet, nothing else. Then adding small bags to everything else! Knowing what bag to reach for when it comes to your headphones, your lipgloss or your sun glasses minimizes time and frustration searching!

Day 28 - Delete Unnecessary Emails In Your Inbox Are you a zero inbox person or a 12,000+ inbox person? This is my favorite task of the week, as I literally do this once a week and am always amazed at how quick my (unimportant) emails pile up. Every time you open up your inbox there are at least ten new message, most of which are ads. Time to delete, unsubscribe, or reply back to the emails we keep pushing off. These emails are not only taking up space on our phones and emails but also on our minds. The best way to complete this task and to manage the email influx is to unsubscribe to emails you know longer want info from, trash emails you do not need and create folders for important emails you need to keep for future reference or address later. Your inbox thanks you!

Day 29 - Delete Unused Apps On Your Phone We all have handed our child our phone and the next thing you know five new apps are downloaded (or deleted). Today's challenge is to go through your phone and delete the apps you don’t need, don't use, don't want or don't even know what they are...guilty! We are constantly using our phones so what is taking up space on your phone is also taking up space in your mind. This is a simple and refreshing way to declutter a small but very important part of your life.

Day 30 - Get Rid Of Five Things You Never Use For the final day of the challenge...I challenge you to get rid of five things you no longer need. These items may be something you came across in week 1 or 2 when you were contemplating if you still needed that shirt or the toy you thought your kids might play with. Look through your holiday decorations that you didn’t use (because if you didn’t use it this year, you won’t use it next). Check your kitchen, living room, car and office. This could also be five pictures, texts or contacts that you no longer need on your phone. I challenge you to find five unnecessary “items” in your life and get rid of them guilt free! And if you find more than five, be my guest, the more the merrier :)

Congratulations, you completed the #30dayswithlifestyled challenge! For me, these past 30 days have been fun, challenging, freeing and hopefully rewarding for your all. It has been so fun decluttering and getting organized alongside you all! Thank you for joining us in this challenge and posting your results! Don’t stop here; continue to challenge yourself to stay organized and clutter free throughout the Holidays! Please feel free to reach out @teresa.lifestyled for anything as I would love to continue to help and guide you in any way I can.

Happy Organization

xx, Teresa

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