30 Days of Organization - Week 4

30 Days of Organization Week 4- Kids Organization

Congratulations on making it to Week 4 and half way through the challenge! I am happy to share this week will be a breeze (especially if you don't have kids haha) and best of all you can ask your family for help with these tasks. This week is designated to getting your kids spaces organized by adding a few simple tasks that will create space in everyone’s life. Along with organizing your kids’ spaces, there is an opportunity to remind your kids the benefits of donating to those in need, especially during these holiday months.

Day 16 - Toss All Party Favors This will literally take you five minutes to complete and make a world of difference. It’s time to discard any and all past party favors. Your kids probably used them once and most likely won't play with them again or even know they are gone! These items are adding clutter, taking up valuable space and are not useful to anyone. Today’s task is a great way to clear the cutter with a super simple task (just make sure to do it when the kids are at school) :)

Day 17 - Donate Aged Out Books Time to shuffle through your kids books and make some room on those shelves. Grab a box and your kids and have them sort through their books to decide which ones they no longer read or are too old for. This creates more space and helps kids see what books they haven't read in a while or forgot they even had. Once the box is full you can donate to your local library so other kids can also enjoy those books

Day 18 - Clear Out All Worn Or Damaged Clothes This is my favorite task of the week! Today you will be editing your kids’ wardrobe. While your kiddos are at school or practice grab a trash bag and place all worn, stained, holed or too small clothes in the bag. There is really no need to hang on to clothes that are two sizes too small!! With your kids closet full of only clothes that fit and look nice, it will make getting dressed each morning a breeze (and tantrum free).

Day 19 - Help Your Kids Edit Their Stuffed Animal Collection Today is a perfect task to pass off to your children. Have them go through all those stuffed animals that keep piling up on the bed, shelf, or even both! Let them choose only their favorites or sentimental ones and have them place the rest in a donation bag. Make an outing out of dropping off those donations so they feel good about where their stuffed friends are going.

Day 20 - Add A Bin To Kids Closets For Future Donations Today’s task is super simple but will drastically change the way you look at your kids outgrown clothes. Find or buy a bin that will fit in your kids closet and label it donations. Anytime your child puts on a shirt or pair of pants that they've outgrown, instead of putting in the dirty clothes bin or hanging it back up (to deal with later), put it in this donation bin! That way you and your kids won't grab for it again and all donations are contained in one spot. Once the bin is full pass on to a friend or a family in need. Then start the process all over again! Your welcome :)

You did it...week four completed! I hope you have found this week enjoyable and helpful in managing your kids ever changing likes and drastic growth spurts. These are simple lifestyle hacks that you can teach your kids, to one day start doing themselves. Thank you for joining us on this organization journey and keep up the hard work! We LOVE seeing your progress and before and afters photos so keep those coming and don't forget to tag #30dayswithlifestyled and @teresa.lifestyled so I can show off all your hard work!

Lets do this... Happy Organization

xx, Teresa

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