Do you need more home decor pieces and more storage? The solution...baskets. Baskets have endless amounts of uses, and these days there are countless options of how they look, feel and price points. If you need a place to store your kiddos shoes by the front door...why not use a basket. If you need the perfect kid friendly clean-up accessory for their closet or play room...use a basket. Baskets are easily accessible and a fun way to teach your kids how and where to return their items. And don’t underestimate the use of a basket with handles. Try one as a dirty clothes hamper and see how easy it is to transport clothes from room to room. What about that linen closet with sheets wadded up in a tangled mess on the shelves? Use chic, simple baskets to neatly places those extra towels, sheets and small cloths without any one seeing them (because) we all know how hard it is to fold a fitted sheet). Not to mention the cute and organized look it will add to your normally disorganized linen closet. Baskets are a simple way to store extra items, manage frequently used items and decrease cluttered areas. Finding baskets according to your color pallet, style, taste and texture that also match your home or office has never been easier. And if you do need a little inspiration, see and shop my some of my favorites below. Happy 'basket' Shopping

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