Soft Pants

Yes, I may be a stylist but one fun fact about me is...the minute I get home in the evening I head straight to my room to put on soft pants. I don't remember when this started but probably in the height of my fashion days when i'd wear tight jeans and heels all day long. A part of me kind of misses those days, but the (me) a few days a week when I don't even change out of my lululemon's definitely doesn't miss it.

Therefore this week's 'What's In My Shopping Bag?' is full of my favorite and coveted soft pants that I would wear all day long if i could. And most of these you can done everyday, out and about, to school drop off, to work out and then to lunch and still look super chic and sporty. Some of these are even appropriate for your upcoming Super Bowl party! So put on your soft pants, get comfy and still be stylish...says the stylist.

Happy (new) Shopping



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